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Just a note, I've seen some of my icons floating around and while it is understandable not giving credit when you can't find the orginator of the icon, I find it hard to believe you are finding these icons anywhere but the source(read: my journal) so there really shouldn't be any reason not to give credit. Not to be a bitch, but I do put a little effort into making these, so if it's not too much trouble, if you use my icons could you please credit me.

♥ Kinlor

ps. also, don't be afraid to comment either.

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for the Of Awkward Silence series.
  1. I am almost done with Puck's POV for Of Surprise Visits. Normally I write everything down first so I can change it accordingly as I type it up but I didn't do that this time, I just typed it all up from the get go so I have to read through it a few times to do all the re-writes. Then I'm going through all of the chapters and finding at least spelling errors so I'll do that before I post the Puck POV up. I'm hoping to have it up by tomorrow night if not tonight.
  2. I'm working on the scene from Of Ignored Phone Calls, when Puck and Kurt are at the top of the stairs, as well as the Diner Scene from Of Surprise Visits.
  3. I'm also working on some back chapters, like Of Blown Notes. I actually have two or three already written out in the note book not in any particular order. but there are about 8 in total that I still need to finish. I don't know if I'll post them up individually as I finish them or wait and then just post them all at one time. I'll probably do that since they're not all written in order and I don't want everyone getting confused.
Current Chapters

Other fics....

I have ideas for other fics, more general fics that have less to do specifically with Kurt and or Puck. I am, as it turns out, and über Warbler Whore, so I have little short fic ideas involving the Warblers


I know I started out doing very simple, basic icons and I haven't done any in a while Puck related or otherwise so hopefully I have some up soon. I've made a few moving ones for the first time recently. I don't know if I'll include them in the next icon update. We'll see.

In other Glee related news.

This Glee hiatus is killing me. I've read a few supposed/potential spoilers, which I normally don't do, and it has me really craving some new episodes hardcore. I'm really interested to see how they get away with getting Kurt back to McKinley and New Directions because I'm really skeptical about that. A lot of people are tired of him being at Dalton, and I understand that because he gets generally less screen time and so, so, so many other reasons, and I have nothing against him going back to McKinley(accept that it means the potential end of the Warblers on the show and I just weep and wail inside at the mere thought) but I NEED it to be for a good, acceptable, LEGITIMATE reason.
I don't foresee Burt Hummel just letting Kurt go back to McKinley willy-nilly because he misses his friends. Kurt's LIFE was being THREATENED. I also don't foresee Kurt leaving Dalton for that reason. It's not like he can't see them whenever he wants. Apparently Dalton is really only five minutes away- or they can teleport- and he still lives at home. Not to mention his parents are paying for him to go to Dalton, and apparently that shit ain't cheap. Kurt is SAFE at Dalton. He may not be terribly happy, and it's oppressive at times, but he is safe.
I'm kind of tired of seeing people say that Dalton and Blaine have changed Kurt and them only pointing out negative things. There have been a lot of positive changes as well. It's not that Kurt isn't less fierce it's that's Kurt's grown up. That fierceness was often times a defense mechanism because let's face it, who wants the bullies to see their winning? Kurt didn't need that at Dalton. And while there are people who are and have complained about his time being in the Warblers, he's actually coming away from that with a sense of team work and not always jumping for the spot light. When Blaine announced Kurt was going to be his duet partner, Kurt said that wasn't fair and that there were others that deserved the chance to audition to be Blaine's partner. You can't tell me season one Kurt would've done that. He would've jumped all over that. While
Dalton wasn't the greatest environment for Kurt's creative spirit he's still going to leave there having learned a few things. You can't deny that. No matter how much you disliked Dalton, it taught him a few things and it kept him safe. I've noticed a lot of people not even taking that into consideration. And Kurt wasn't the only thing that learned something from the whole experience or will bet taking something away from that. Even if we never see the Warblers again, it's obvious they've changed from the first time we saw them and I think that has a lot to do with how Kurt affects Blaine and in essences affects the Warblers and how the perform. They're not reserved any longer. They take chances now. Look at their performance of Hey Soul Sister and compare it to Raise Your Glass. People are so busy focusing on the immediate effect of Dalton on Kurt that I think some of them miss these things. This whole thing was a lesson and learning experience for all of them.
I'm really looking forward to see the send off the Warblers give Kurt.

This was one of the spoilers I read:
-"Recent Ausiello spoiler: With the Warblers’ competitive season kaput, New Directions eyes an opportunity to get their old soprano back. But there’s a twist, and it involves a power play from an unexpected source within the NDs."

It doesn't actually sound promising to me. I kind of don't like it. What does that even mean? This makes me nervous about how Kurt actually gets back to McKinley and it's legitimacy because I can't really see how a member of New Directions, unexpected or not, manages to convince Kurt and BURT HUMMEL, KURT'S FATHER WHOSE PRIMARY CONCERN IS KEEPING HIS SON SAFE FROM THE GUY THREATENING HIS LIFE WHO STILL GOES TO McKINLEY into letting Kurt actually go back to McKinley.

The point I am trying to make in all this rambling is that I don't normally read spoilers and this is the reason why, because of how narrow some of the spoilers are and all of the speculation that comes with them.
That rant on the Warblers and Dalton though is just how I feel and has little to actually do with the spoilers. I just hate how they are dissed entirely.

blaine please

so wait... is Dalton a boarding school or... So Kurt drives an hour and forty nine minutes to school every day and an hour and forty nine back? Well that's shitty. I'm keeping it a boarding school, screw that noise.

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Blaine will be the judge of that
Darren knows now.

I have five parts done for my 'series'. I'm working on a sixth now which is closer to the beginning than the others I've finished.

Each part is usually written around a line that flits through my mind, which is why they aren't written in chronological order. A line just seems appealing so I write something for it and it falls into place somewhere of it's own accord.

For reference this series would start around the time of episode 8 when Puck first gets a slushie facial. as of how far the series will go into season two, probably just go along with the show if I am feeling motivated.

Of Ignored Phone Calls and Persistent Friends
Darren Paté
So I decided to just screw order. This one is oneshot-ish anyway.

Title: Of Ignored Phone Calls and Persistent Friends
Author: kinlor
Rating: PG-13
Charater(s)/Pairing(s): Puck, Kurt (pre-slash)
Genre: General, Friendship
Word Count: 2,267
Warning: mild swearing
Spoilers: season 2
Disclaimer: Don't own Glee, not that lucky.
Summary: Kurt comes home from Dalton for the weekend in a rather depressed mood causing Finn to seek refuge at Puck's. Puck wants to know what the deal is but Kurt just ignores his calls.

I wanted to do a kind of little series but the ideas come at me out of order so I'm kind of just posting the ones that seems the most stand alone-ish until I finish.


Of Ignored Phone Calls and Persistent FriendsCollapse )


Of Awkward series.
Darren blue
Three more parts done of my Of Awkward Silences story. Still out of order and still from season two so they won't be up for a while. Or maybe they will, who knows.

Me? Writing?
So while I originally wrote Of Awkward Silences In a Dirty Bathroom and Sincere Apologies as a kind of oneshot friendship fic, I've found my self writing little drabbles that are kind of like continuations for it. And I intend to post them... unfortunately I've written them all out of order. My first one can easily be said to take place in season one, but the second one I wrote takes place in season two while Kurt's at Dalton, as well as the third one. But I have so many ideas for 'chapters' in between. So I guess when I'm done with that I'll put them up on, maybe PucKurt, but definitely on FF.net because Of Awkward Silences has gotten a few hits there. I intend to try and title them better from here on out.

brb, going to DC.


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